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Welcome to the Wikispace of the English Course for Cultural Heritage!

We are going to develop a collaborative project to practice your research and writing skills in English in this wikispace.

Here you are some of the most famous sites included on the WORLD HERITAGE LIST.

Click on the link and start writing on the selected topic.

Search the web, find information, photos and pictures, write your contribute and ... don't forget to sign it!

Enjoy yourself!

Antonella Elia

external image freccetta.bmpVenice and its Lagoon

external image freccetta.bmpAngkor

external image freccetta.bmpThe Great Wall

external image freccetta.bmpAncient Thebes with its Necropolis

external image freccetta.bmpGreat Barrier Reef

external image freccetta.bmpMont -Saint-Michel and its Bay

external image freccetta.bmpAcropolis

external image freccetta.bmpTaj Mahal

external image freccetta.bmpMinaret and archeological remain of Jam

external image freccetta.bmpOld City of Jerusalem and its Walls

external image freccetta.bmpAncient Maya City of Calakmul

external image freccetta.bmpGrand Canyon National Park